Round 2 complete

Yesterday was for deciding which finished skins to keep and which to offer for sale. Part of me wants them all for my home; on the other hand, they’re valuable, and my little family needs the income.

The good thing about having unsold sheepskins is that, while I wait for them to sell, I get to use them. Right now they’re on my dining chairs.

I did end up cutting the nape off the big one, and it created just the cutest little “mini sheepskin”.

Sheepskin cat bed anyone ??!?

The custom deer skin is still drying out (sooo slooowly) from its impromptu washing. I’ll bring it into my house this evening to speed that up (I know, I know…).

And, the egg-dressed sheepskin is ready for smoking. Jeez, did that girl ever break and soften and dry easily and quickly. I don’t know… if every egg- dressed skin goes that fast I may give up my beloved soap dressing, for a while at least.

I need to finish the custom deer before I get too involved in other skins, as I promised it by December 25th.

Also of note. I have something potentially in the works that is very exciting and would mean I’d have regular, dependable, paid tanning work. I don’t like to talk too much, especially publicly, about what “might” be but, if it pans out, it’s going to be amazing. The kind of thing that would mean I could really call this thing a micro tannery. Without the quotes and the tongue-in-cheek. But that’s all I’m going to say here for now! We shall see!

So as I transition from this last batch of skins, let’s talk about what’s on deck:

  • Custom deer skin needs redress, softened, and smoked
  • Egg dressed sheepskin needs smoked
  • 1 more full-fleeced sheepskin needs it all
  • 1 more shearling, ditto
  • 2 deer skins for my personal use, ditto

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