All items available for purchase through my Etsy shop. I have more there than I list here, so be sure to check it out for updates!

“TRADITIONAL HIDE TANNING” Booklet – $7.24 +shipping on Etsy

Hand drawn ink illustrations accompany my instructions and recommendations for hair-on tanning with fat & smoke. Each booklet is hand bound using the historic stab binding method. Copied on heavy ivory vellum bristol paper. *Also available as an instant download.*


This smaller shearling is much more grey than the pic and inside lighting gives it credit for. The leather is white and soft with nice movement and drape. I think it’d be great for garment work or maybe a small harvest bag. It’s also a great chair cover or pet bed. Free shipping.


The cutest little sheepskin. Someone needs to upholster a chair seat with it. Or it can be the luckiest cat’s little bed. There’s enough in it for garment work if that’s your thing. Stinkin’ cute. Free shipping.


Shorn close before harvest. Ready for whatever you are – garment work, upholstery, pet beds… This one is soft and drapes nicely. Free shipping.


Fluffy and dense. The fleece is thick and warm on this guy. I think it’s a Dorset or Finnsheep. Perfect to sink your toes into. Or at the foot of your bed in the dead of winter. I love him. Free shipping.


She’s done… the first of the lot that started this blog. My first finished skin of 2021. Quite proud of this one! So nice to be tanning hides again. … The wool is over 4 inches long. I sewed up a couple cuts with waxed thread. Smoky and warm. Beautiful.


Can’t you just see this cutie as a runner rug? In the hallway, or maybe alongside the bed so your toes don’t touch the cold floor first thing in the morning… From my 2018 lot, and ready for a new home!


Skull of my Jacob ewe, Wild Thing. Jumper of fences, wanderer of the woods, climber of hay bales, my scrappiest ewe. We butchered her in 2019. The skull was cleaned by mother nature and bleached in the sun. Lower jaw & 1 horn sheath included. Free shipping.


Pretty sheepskin from my 2018 lot. I’ve had it in my home and am ready to let it go! Soft, long hair, supple leather. So pretty as a chair cover or couch throw. Free shipping.


Sheepskin from a hair sheep! I tanned this one in late 2018; it’s been in my home since and I’m ready to “re-home” it. Reddish brown hair gives way to soft grey poofs on this winter weight pelt. Large and warm at the foot of the bed. Free shipping.

Whole loaf of handmade soap – starting at $19 on Etsy

I actually love making soap, but have no reason to make pounds and pounds of it like I used to. I used to sell soap by the bar on Etsy & at farmers markets, but with the increase in shipping costs and the decrease in time I have to render fat for soaping, this just isn’t economical for me. So I thought, I’ll just sell soap by the batch! Buyers will receive about 42 ounces of their choice of tallow or lard soap, which is a little more than 2.5 pounds. I have essential and fragrance oil options as well. Not exactly profitable for me, but I’ll get to make soap and at least not lose money!