Happy Yuletide

Some final softening, scraping, thinning, oiling for the young hunter’s deer hide.

I’m still shaving off membrane that I missed around the edges. I’m also rubbing it down with pure neatsfoot to try to get some more drape. And working Hubbard’s in as well.

I’d like to deliver it in 2 days.

The days are starting to lengthen again. We’ll be seeing more of the sun every day now.

I’ve not had much time for hide work lately. Which makes sense, given the season. It’s been far too cold, less than 20 degrees on the daily, to be working outside with my bare hands.

Chimney pipe for my woodstove to go in the workshop is still a strong desire. We’ll see.

I’ve not seen or heard tell of much in the way of roadkill. It was a mild autumn, so maybe the small furries are content. Or maybe it’s just too cold now for them to move much at night.

I have one shearling and one full- fleece sheep left to finish. And 2 deer that I’m going to start tawing soon because I can do that inside my house.

No word yet from the butcher on sheepskins, but I don’t really expect they’ll have a batch of sheep until late January, February.

Without the chimney pipe, I won’t be smoke tanning anything else until the weather breaks in spring anyway. Just alum pickling. The original mineral tan.

I’m spending time with my intentions for the new year. Reflecting on this last trip around the sun. Looking towards green up, new garden plants, more food security for my family, more hide work. Blossoming into my truest self – as I always do in these times when I don’t have to work for “the man”. Hoping I can hang on this time. Stay her. Well. Stay me.

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