7 pm

I received a small deer hide today with a request to tan it for the hunter it belongs to. I’ve wanted to do custom tanning for a while, so I’m looking forward to fulfilling this order.

I got the little guy all fleshed and salted.

Took about an hour.

I had to rearrange my stash of skins to make room for this one. All the sheepskins that are awaiting tanning are nice and dry and piled high.

I added tanning dressing to the larger of the sheepskins I started tanning the other day this evening as well. It had taken the dressing and was beginning to dry in places, which I don’t want it doing too much of until it’s laced up on a frame.

The shearling is fine where it lays, soaking up tanning dressing and waiting to be stretched.

I’m repurposing some “scaffolding” that my husband had built for putting up a drywall ceiling; it’ll do for a frame to stretch and dry the hides that need it.

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